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Height: 5"6  |   Eye Color: Brown  |   Hair Color: Black

Tolu Stedford is a writer, producer and actress. With over 20 years of industry experience, this powerhouse actress has entertained audiences on TV, stage, and cinemas worldwide. She has written and produced an assortment of hard-hitting, thought-provoking short films, concept teasers and music videos. Tolu is a proud LION and co-founded her own award-winning production company with her multi-talented partners Jess Collet and Kiriem Bello called 'Creative Lions Productions'. She is currently a Development Producer at the 'Independent Film Trust' heading up their commissions, mentoring schemes and film productions and a co-producer at Link UP TV who hit audiences of 16 million.



Gatehouse Theatre      |   Richard III          |  2019  |   Lead Actor

Old Sole Theatre         |   GLOCKENSPIEL |   2018  |  Lead Actor

Production Company   |   Project Name     |   2023  |   Chorus Member


  David Jermyn            |   51 Degrees North  |   2015  |   Supporting Actor

  Rex Media                 |   H4H                      |   2017   |   Lead Actor

  Creative Lions Prod   |   BABA                    |   2020  |  Lead Actor


Production Company   |   WeBuyAnyCar   |   2018 |   Lead Actor

Production Company   |   Direct Line       |   2019  |   Lead Actor

Production Company   |   Foxy Bingo       |   2020  |   Lead Actor

film slate

     Baba  |  Creative Lions Prod   | Writer & Producer

Good China  |  Creative Lions Prod   |   Producer

Anonymous  |   Creative Lions Prod  |   Writer and Producer


Radio Host| Creative Alliance Show | Threads Radio

Pub Quiz Host |Various Venues | The Quiz Team

Host| IndieFilmFete | Film Festival

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